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Ground Mounting

Ground photovoltaic power station refers to the solar photovoltaic power station connected with the public grid and jointly responsible for the power supply task. The ground photovoltaic grid-connected power station is composed of battery array, grid-connected inverter, photovoltaic special integrated intelligent substation, etc. Photovoltaic array converts solar energy directly into electric energy when there is light, converts direct current into alternating current through grid-connected inverter, and then connects to the public power grid after voltage boost through photovoltaic special integrated smart substation, which jointly undertakes the power supply task.

Roof Mounting

Roof distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the photovoltaic power generation facilities on the roof of the user's building, whose operation mode is characterized by the user's self-use, excess electricity online, and balanced adjustment in the distribution system. Roof distributed photovoltaic power generation is a new type of power generation and comprehensive utilization of energy with broad development prospects. It advocates the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid-connection, nearby conversion and nearby use, which can not only effectively improve the power generation of photovoltaic power stations of the same scale, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in voltage boost and long-distance transportation.

Solar Tracking

The active tracking control strategy calculates the position of the sun in the sky and controls the orientation of the photovoltaic array. This kind of active photovoltaic automatic tracking system can be better applied to the environment with frost, snow and dust, and can also work reliably in unattended photovoltaic power stations. It can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the tracking system. A properly designed photovoltaic tracking system can increase the efficiency of the entire system by 40%, while the power consumption of the own motor is only 20kwh a year, and it is cheap and easy to install.

Flexible Mounting

Flexible support has a very wide range of application scenarios, similar to sewage treatment plants, agricultural light complementary, fishing light complementary, mountain photovoltaic, and parking lot photovoltaic, etc., can be widely applied. In terms of structure, flexible support can be roughly divided into single-layer suspension cable system, prestressed double-layer cable system (load-bearing cable + stability cable), prestressed cable network, mixed system, tensioning (beam, truss) + cable arch, string support dome, transverse stiffening + and other structures. The structure type of flexible support for large-span prestressed suspension cable includes the key parts such as load bearing, component cable, cable truss interstrut, pile, side anchor system, steel beam and cable truss strut.

Water Photovoltaic

Water photovoltaic power station refers to the photovoltaic power station constructed on the water in ponds, reservoirs, lakes and other areas. According to the water depth of the project, the construction forms are divided into two types: generally, the water depth is less than 3m and the pile rack is installed high; Water depth above 3m can be used floating mounting system

PV Equipment

The construction of a photovoltaic power station needs photovoltaic modules, inverters, lines, switches, transformers, reactive power compensation equipment and other primary equipment; Relay protection, station monitoring, scheduling automation, communication and other secondary equipment

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