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Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation

Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation

Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation

Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation
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Al6005-T5 for aluminum profiles and clamps.

Stainless steel for fasten bolt and nut.

Module Type:Framed or Frameless modules

Module orientation:Landscape/Portrait

Layers of Rails:Single/double layer, cross rail installation

Much Easier to install

Excellent wind resistant

Excellent anti-corrosion


Our Advantages


OEM: According to the drawings provided by the customer, production is required

Quality assurance: Quality assurance 12 years, durability of 25 years

High quality: From aluminum ingots to extrusion, finishing, packaging and shipping, each link has strict quality control.

Short delivery time: 100MW solar support and 100,000 pile capacity per month

Construction: Easy to install, each set of products are shipped in the case of pre-installation

Low cost: The same program, we have absolute price advantage and quality assurance, because we have aluminum profile factory.



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Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation

Aluminum solar mount with concrete foundation

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