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BIPV-sunlight room

BIPV-sunlight room

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The photovoltaic system is fixed on the balcony external railing to capture sunlight and then provide electricity is the balcony solar photovoltaic system. Users can choose the balcony solar photovoltaic system of the right size according to the size of their own balcony.

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Tin Roof Solar Mounting System

Waterproof coil, service life of more than 25 years, low temperature flexibility and weather resistance, with excellent puncture resistance. At the same time, the bonding strength of the weld is higher than that of the coil itself, which can make the entire waterproof layer form a whole. To solve aging and waterproof problems.

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Aluminum Roof Solar Mount-Adjustable tripod

The bracket is made of high quality main material, advanced anodized aluminum AL6500-T5, and the surface is anodized with 12-15MIC. Its excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance guarantees its 30-year service life. At the same time, the lightweight characteristics of aluminum reduce the roof load, making it safe and reliable

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aluminum solar rack

The ballast solar system is suitable for angled roofs and floors, and this new ballast structure is light, flexible and strong. Easy to assemble

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Tile roof solar mount

The system is suitable for Roman tile, fish scale tile, SLATE tile and other types of tile roof, and can be installed with any specifications of solar panels. With advanced modular design, the parts have good general compatibility, easy installation, and no secondary processing is required on site.

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Tin roof mount clip

Suitable for large area of color steel tile roof such as factory or warehouse, using a special way of rail fixing, installation is very flexible. The advanced design minimizes the number of parts in the whole system, and the installation is simple and fast. Can be used to install any size of solar polycrystalline silicon components and thin film components.

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Tin Metal Roof solar mount

The original aluminum rail fixing method makes the installation more convenient. Fewer parts, easy to install. High strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, service life of more than 20 years

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Solar Mount with Concrete Foundation

Concrete pier pouring on the cement roof, which is a common installation method, has the advantages of stability, does not damage the roof waterproof.

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Roof Solar Mount System

The system is fixed on the roof by double-headed screw, and the lower end is made of rubber water seal, which is safe and reliable. The aluminum rail clamp makes the fixing of the aluminum rail especially easy. The whole system has few kinds of parts, simple installation, and can be used to install any specifications of solar polycrystalline silicon modules and thin film modules.

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Rooftop Solar Components and parts with black

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Flexible Solar Mounting System Solution

In view of the uniqueness of its structure, the flexible bracket has a wide range of application scenarios, similar to sewage treatment plants, agricultural light complementarity, fishing light complementarity, mountain photovoltaic, and parking lot photovoltaic can be widely applied.

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